Backline Rental

Lets face it, hauling gear across the country is never easy, especially delicate and valuable pieces. MMS Rentals and Productions has access to a wide array of backline rental equipment. From the legendary Hammond B3 to boutique tube amplifiers to DJ and synth equipment, there’s almost no gear that we can’t provide for you.

Backline Amps

Backline Technicians

All of our available backline gear can be supported with our team of available technicians. We strongly suggest hiring backline technicians for on-stage setup and performance support.

Though our gear is thoroughly checked before each use and regularly maintained, accidents do happen and on the fly support is sometimes needed.

Please note that backline techs are not automatically provided for all rentals. For additional equipment and technical support and on-stage setup please request a technician with your rental request

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs – (217) 689-1816

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