Lighting Rental

It doesn’t take much to light a stage, but to light it well is a challenge. MMS Rentals and Productions offers high end lighting equipment paired with expert technicians ready to tackle any lighting job.¬†We offer a wide variety of lighting options including programmable LED lights, high power stage lighting, and video projection systems. We also have a variety of dimmer systems, lighting consoles, truss and rigging, par bars, and other fixtures available.

Concert Lighting Rental

To some people lighting is just a way to see the stage. To an audience, however, it can mean the difference between an average performance and a striking, memorable production. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can add remarkable character to any event using our comprehensive array of equipment. We hire some of the most qualified individuals across the country and use equipment from some of the most respected manufacturers to create extraordinary lighting displays.

Lighting Equipment Rental

MMS Rentals and Production is equipped with a great selection of lighting equipment. We have an extensive inventory of traditional stage lighting including high power par-bar systems as well as programmable LED fixtures. In addition we have a wide assortment of truss and setup fixtures which can be used to outfit your event with the best possible lighting arrangement. We also offer a range of control consoles, lighting mixers, and dimmer racks to allow for full manipulation of your lighting production.

Intelligent Moving Lights

The world of stage and production lighting is constantly changing. However, one staple of any great production has become the intelligent moving light fixture. Whether on a large festival stage or during a groundbreaking corporate conference, moving lights make an incredible impression upon an audience. We stock a range of moving lights suited to any production.

Haze and Fog Machines

What better way to make your lighting production really stand out than to give it more visibility. Haze and fog machines create an atmosphere that makes lighting effects stand out and adds extra ambiance to color changes. We carry hazers use water based fluid that won’t set off fire systems. Our Martin brand hazers are some of the most powerful and reliable fixtures available today.

LED Lighting

LED lights provide a dynamic and efficient method of illuminating a stage or room. Because of their low power requirements and versatile capabilities, LED lighting is the smart choice for lighting any event. Whether you need LED uplighting to match your wedding colors or corporate logo or you need LED wash lights to provide visually intriguing lighting for a concert, LED lights are a preferred method towards creating well lit events.

Follow Spots

Follow spots help to create a visual centerpiece on stage for the audience. Our follow spot systems are calibrated to do exactly that. We carry high powered follow spots with adjustable light output to suit any stage or performance. Our follow spot lighting is perfect for theatrical productions, festival lighting, guest speaker presentations, and concerts.

Ellipsoidal Fixtures

At MMS Rentals and Productions we carry a wide array of ellipsoidal fixtures suited to both concert and theatrical use. These fixtures are a great compromise between follow spots and par cans that allow you to create a visual focal point without sacrificing the character of a production. We have a variety of Source Four Leko fixtures with several focal lengths suited to any performance.

Conventional Lighting

There is no more time honored lighting system than conventional par lighting. These high powered light systems create great stage ambiance while providing durable and reliable performance. Coupled with our dimming systems, these conventional lighting systems can be used to create amazing stage ambiance and lighting effects.

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