Retail Sales

Are you looking to purchase your own equipment? We are here to help you build your own PA, expand your recording studio, light up your stage, and more. MMS Rentals and Productions is a representative of some of the best names in audio and lighting equipment. Whether you need moving lights, professional audio consoles, wireless microphones, hi-fi or PA speakers, LED fixtures, microphones, or anything else, MMS is your one stop shop for sound and lighting equipment. We have created an extensive dealership network to bring you the highest level of equipment at the best prices.

Audio and Lighting Equipment Brands for sale: Shure, JBL, Martin, QSC, Midas, Behringer, Allen and Heath, Crown, Whirlwind, AKG, and more

Audio Equipment Sales

MMS Rentals and Productions prides itself on high quality audio. As an indispensable element of any audio production we take care to provide quality audio equipment at every event we’re working with. Because of this, MMS is happy to represent some of the best names in audio equipment available on the market today including JBL, Shure, Midas, Crown, and more. If you are looking to outfit a recording studio, install a professional PA, create a live rig for your band, or simply add to or improve your existing equipment MMS is your one stop shop. For more information on available audio equipment sales and services call us today.


Microphones are a fundamental of audio. Live or in the studio, the microphone makes your voice heard. We take pride in offering some of the best in name brand microphones including Shure, Sennheiser, and AKG. Whether you need wireless microphones, studio quality condensor mics, or a trusty SM58 for live use, we are your one stop local provider of quality microphones.

Speaker Systems

On the opposite side of audio fundamentals are speakers and PA systems. Used for everything from concerts to studio reference monitors to home stereo systems, music can’t be enjoyed without something to listen on. With a background in concert and event production, MMS is well versed in the setup, installation, and use of speaker systems. We are happy to be able to provide our retail (and production) customers with some of the best products including JBL’s professional and consumer speaker lines, QSC, and Behringer.

Lighting Equipment Sales

Lighting is a versatile and important element to any event or stage performance. Whether you need performer visibility, atmosphere, or to impress an audience, lighting is a key facet of your event. With over 20 years of experience with stage and event production MMS Rentals and Productions knows lighting and can help you create a package to bring your setup to life. Representing names like Martin, Blizzard, NSI/Leviton, Elation, and more, we are happy to provide our customers with great quality lighting for any purpose. Call us today for more details.

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